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In psychology, resources emphasize primary sources and peer reviewed journals. Primary sources are those written by the person whose work is being discussed. Peer reviewed journals are journals that only accept articles reviewed by a panel of professionals in that field. These are normally found in an academic library.

Once the appropriate academic resources are found, you will need an efficient method of taking and then organizing your notes. When taking notes, it is important to keep track of complete citation information so that it is available when your paper is being written.

This information you will need is that of the author, year published, name of article or book, name and location of publisher or name of journal or website, and page numbers.

It is also helpful to begin organizing the work while taking notes by labelling any notes in some manner such as colour coding them. Tip: try multi coloured Post-It notes! or highlighter pens

This will make it easier for you to pull the information together into an organized whole. Organizing your notes that were taken during library research will assist in making an outline for the initial draft of a paper.

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