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Style in academic writing refers to the rules of writing for the academic field, how papers are organized and the manner in which sources are referenced.

If you make any statements in a psychology essay, for example "all adults with autism or Asperger syndrome play the piano beautifully", you must back this up with a reference, otherwise you are just presenting a list of (possibly inaccurate) personal guesses. Likewise, when you use any concept or writing by someone else an in-text citation and reference is required.

Check with your tutor first, but generally in psychology, the standard for psychology writing is according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed., 2010), i.e. the APA Style. The requirements are quite detailed. For further information, consult the manual or the APA Style Guide website (, APA Style Help (, and APA Publication Manual Frequently Asked Questions (

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A reference list is vital to show you have completed your research properly.

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