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Recommended Books

How to Write in Psychology: A Student Guide

This is a concise and comprehensive guide on the principles of writing essays and research papers for psychology.

An Interactive Approach to Writing Essays and Research Reports in Psychology
An engaging, accessible introduction to the conventions of writing in the psychology discipline.

The Principles of Writing in Psychology (Palgrave Study Guides)
This book offers advice and guidance on the writing of papers in psychology--in particular, essays, literature reviews, and research reports.

Effective Writing in Psychology: Papers, Posters, and Presentations
A light-hearted but eminently useful book to help students "prepare exemplary psychology reports in perfect APA format."

Guides and free downloads
15 core studies covering a range of psychological interests are discussed in useful detail.

Psychotherapy Net
Comprehensive resource site for therapists with interviews, books, videos and games.
Helpful guides on developmental, cognitive and social psychology and studies in psychology.
This useful website offers free downloads of worksheets and research materials.

Write That Essay! Guidelines and Suggestions
An easy-to-follow guide on writing your psychology essay.

Educational Psychology Interactive
Readings, videos, and topics for the psychology student.

Psych Net-UK
Premier mental health, psychiatry, psychology portal.

A Guide to Psychology and Its Practise
Volunteer-driven portal of resources, information on practical, clinical, social and other psychologies.

Comprehensive psychology topic-specific site for mental health information.

Frontiers In
Cutting-edge discussion, news, and updates on theoretical and philosophical psychology.

American Psychological Association (APA)
Psychology articles, topical information, style guides, programmes, help lines, videos etc.

Psychology databases and encyclopedias

Encyclopedia of Psychology
Searchable psychology portal of publications, psychology career advice, environment and behaviour studies, organisational/institutional studies, key psychology figure histories and paradigms and theories.

Association of Education Psychologists
Educational psychology studies, articles, experiments, surveys etc in a comprehensive psychology library.

Psych Classics [Classics in the History of Psychology]
Resource compendium of psychology topics and authors, special collections and searchable psychology databases.

Social Psychology Network
Comprehensive database of web-based social psychology surveys, experiments and studies on interpersonal relations, social perception, personality and attitude and belief systems.

All Psych Online
The Virtual Psychology Classroom featuring a searchable database of psychiatric disorders, psychology forums and the AllPsych Journal.

Association for Applied Psychology and Biofeedback
Generous database of information on physiological psychology and neuroscience.

All About Forensic Psychology
Comprehensive database of definitions, histories, high-profile professionals, and career and study sources and resources.
Portal site featuring information, resources, and studies on rehabilitation psychology, clinical neuropsychology, clinical child and adolescent psychology.

North American Society of Adlerian Psychology posts, member forums and conference information.

Specific psychologist and theory websites

Erikson Institute
Studies in early childhood development, projects and studies.

Sigmund Freud Archives
Psychoanalytic archives of Freud's professional and personal papers, correspondence, records and photos.

C.G. Jung Foundation of Ontario
Jungian analysis, training, newsletter, and other information and resources.

San Francisco Society for Lacanian Studies
Newsletters, forums, and studies in the Lacanian perspective.

B.F. Skinner Foundation
Behaviourist archives, student research, Skinnerian studies, and more.

European Association of Personality Psychology
Programmes, journals and articles, and up-to-date information on empirical and theoretical personality psychology studies.

Intelligent Systems Research Institute
Conference, research, and other information on intelligent and cognitive systems.

Association for Behaviour Analysis International
Journals, jobs, events, and special interest articles and information on behavioural analysis.

History of Military Psychology
Thorough military psychology history, journal, and Society for Military Psychology information and details.

David Baldwin’s Trauma Information Pages
Trauma-specific psychology discussing aspects of trauma such as post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD).

Association for Humanist Psychology
Humanist psychology journals, resources, teaching and learning materials, and more

Consumer Psychologist
Thorough studies in consumer psychology, facilitated by Dr. Lars Perner.
News, programmes, research, forums, and more in the field of parapsychology (paranormal psychology).

Psychology of Women
Resources, news, columns, essays, and interviews on the study of women from the psychological discipline perspective.

Psychology of Religion Pages
Hundreds of informative articles and essays on the psychology of religion.

Rehabilitation Today
Sources and resources for rehabilitation psychology—from disability recovery to coping with post-operative illness.

Psychology journals and journal review sites

Psychosomatics, Journal of Consultation and Liaison Psychiatry
Psychiatry journal archive, searchable by issue (back to 1960), subject, or section, including most-read and most-popular articles.
This great website contains digests of, and links to, the latest research articles and journals.

Psychology Blogs and forums
A US based blog with good links to articles and videos of interest.

Psychology and brain/behaviour science exchange featuring resources and forums on disability, perception, and understanding.

Mental Health

Mental Health Matters
Up-to-date information, articles and forums for the mental health advocate, consumer, student, and professional.

Mental Help Net
Comprehensive interactive portal featuring forums, helplines, disorders and issues resources.

Healthy Place
Site self-billed as America’s Mental Health Channel, featuring radio shows, forums etc.

Mainly for Psychology Teachers
Aimed at teachers, but there's a huge amount of information for students too here.

The Association for the Teaching of Psychology
If you are already, or are training to be, a psychology teacher, then this is a useful site for you.
Ideas, videos and file sharing for psychology teachers.

Try this excellent site for further links and research guides.

Self Psychology
Searchable bibliography, training programmes listings, and forum for self psychology.

Transactional Analysis definitions, histories, discussions, and references and links to Berne Institute and other UK and USA institutes.

Environmental Psychology Lab
University of Michigan’s electronic resource for understanding and advocating environmental stewardship.

There is a lot of help and advice out there.

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