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Final checks
Even though you might be sick of the sight of it...
Self assessment is an important aspect of writing a good psychology essay and could well make the difference between a good mark and a great mark.

Naturally, you should check spelling, grammar and sentence as well as paragraph structure. Better yet, swap papers with someone else and get them to read through your work for you and highlight any problems. Your chosen topic or research question should be relevant, timely and specific. You also need to check your work according to the criteria you were given for the assignment. Ensure you have actually answered the question, as becoming sidetracked and losing sight of the objective is a common mistake! You would be amazed how many students simply fail to answer the question!

The supporting references and literature review in your work should be from appropriate peer reviewed and primary psychology resources (we're not talking Wikipedia here). All quotes and paraphrases must be referenced properly, checking that your references follow the APA guidelines or the referencing style required by your course.

Check that in your essay, the thesis statement is followed by a main body and conclusion that is directly connected to the idea presented. In a research project, all the appropriate sections should be included and directly related to the research question. The headings and style should match APA standards.

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Don't miss this important step, checking will really help your grade.

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